Wood samples and drawings
The commissioning process is perhaps more akin to having a suit tailor made, than buying furniture from a shop

Private Commissions

Commissioning a piece of furniture is a very creative, enjoyable and personal experience.

After the initial enquiry, I like to meet with the client for a non-committal meeting to discuss their wishes and the options possible.

Before designing a piece of furniture it is important to establish its’ desired function; appropriate wood types;  the general “feel” or “character” required; and a consideration of its’ surrounding environment.

Some customers may already have a very specific idea about what they’d like, others put the design completely in my hands. Either or anything in between is fine.

I usually present my designs using sketches, technical drawings, and/ or scaled models – which ever is most appropriate to the project. There may be several rounds of tweaking the design to get it just right.

Once a final design and price is agreed upon, the client will be asked to pay a deposit before work commenses.

Clients are always welcome to drop by the workshop to see their commission in the making

Designers and Architects

Working closely with other designers and architects,to realise their designs, is an exciting and refreshing part of my work

Designers can be personally involved down to the last details in the creation of their vision, whether prototyping and developing initial designs or making a final piece to an exact specification.