Walnut Cross in IMI Bønnehuset
Walnut Cross in IMI Bønnehuset Markings from clamping during the veneer making process Hand carved texture on walnut Cross for IMI kirken Figured grain on the walnut cross for IMI Bønnehuset IMI cross detail A cross made from burr walnut logs, for IMI Kirken Japanese scarfing joint, drawn together with opposing wedges Japanese kanna used for planing the cross

1900 x 900 x 160


Burr walnut logs

Cross for the Prayer House at IMI Kirken

Made from waste pieces of figured Walnut from the veneer making industry. These chunks of wood were cracked, rotten, and full of beauty, telling a thousand stories of their own

One face is left  raw, the sides are textured by hand and chisel, and the last face is hand planed and polished to a sheen